Apr 10, 2020

Apr 10, 2020

In this ever changing, fast paced world we live in, it is of the utmost importance to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. As we move through life, we begin to realize what’s important and what is not, and physical and mental health is extremely important in order to be the best you there can be.

Join the millions of people worldwide who are looking to better their health and wellness naturally instead of with pharmaceuticals. We, at Daisy Mind & Body, are here to help. Our mission is to be the industry leader in quality natural remedies like CBD, Essential Oils, and Herbal Supplements.

About Daisy

We call ourselves Daisy after the flower that symbolizes harmony, purity, and new beginnings. At night, daisies close their petals to protect themselves and in the morning, they open again signifying a fresh start. Like these delicate flowers, we want to be there to provide you with products made with the purest ingredients that you need to restore balance to your mind and body and to start your journey to a healthier life.

The Magic of Lavender

Lavender is the embodiment of natural remedies. Lavender has widely been used as a holistic relaxant for years. It is sought out for its pleasant scent and calming effects making it useful in the treatment of stress and anxiety. Now, however, it is being used for so much more. Many people are turning to lavender and are relying on it for its additional health benefits.

Studies and research of the effects of lavender on the mind and body have found many benefits that are backed by science. Lavender oil has been shown to treat several severe, and sometimes fatal, conditions. It can be used as a therapy for those recovering from a stroke, can help to prevent dementia and epilepsy, and can assist in keeping blood pressure down. Mothers who have just given birth have found relief of pain and discomfort in soaking in baths with lavender oil. Lavender is an amazing find as a natural supplement to co-exist, and sometime replace, traditional medicine. Also, as a help to mothers of infants, it can help calm colicky babies.

Daisy and Lavender

In our inventory of essential oils, we offer Organic Lavender Essential Oil in a 1/3 fl oz. bottle. The tops of organic lavender flowers are steam distilled to yield an oil that has an herbaceous, sweet, and floral aroma that imparts a clean and soothing fragrance that is perfect for use in the bath or oil diffuser and for massage, mixing into topicals or hair care.

We suggest using our Organic Lavender Essential Oil to promote skin health, to manage stress and pain, and to tame involuntary muscle spasms. Our Organic Lavender Essential Oil is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. To learn more about our Organic Lavender Essential Oil, come on over to Daisy Mind & Body to get started on your lavender wellness regiment.